Nice to meet you

Illustrated Guide to Life Laura Eades

Who is the author of Illustrated Guide to Life? Laura Eades. No, I’ve never been good at self portraits. Have you?

Who am I? Well, who are you? Let’s introduce ourselves.

I’m 36. I’m not a psychologist, but I am fascinated by how our minds work.

If you like a humourous, visual way of learning, join me. We’re all wired differently. For some people, being happy is second nature. And for others of us (yes, I’m in this second category) feeling chipper requires concentration. I wonder why that is? And what I can do about it? Fortunately, I also love to teach myself: in everything but my hairstyle, I’m all for short cuts. I read studies and suggestions on how to live better. On this blog, I try things out, and then illustrate what works and why.

I’ll be your guinea pig. It’s not every day someone makes you that offer, now, is it? I believe it’s never too late to change the habits of a lifetime. Nor too early to ingrain positive ways of living. I’m all for trial and error – so let my questions be your questions, and one day keeping a steady grip on contentment will be second nature for me and you too.

Picture a completely different life for yourself. Like what? In the last year, I’ve revolutionised my everyday. I quit my job and I’ve moved abroad with my family; I’ve written over 100,000 words of a novel; I’ve  gone from being a sporting non-starter to running 10k, and I’ve lost a stone and a half; I’m learning a new language  – and I’m happier than I’ve ever been. Free from the daily grind, I have an image of how different things can be. But that’s me. What could you imagine for yourself?

Let’s go back to the drawing board. Reaching short-term goals is just like the paint on the surface of the picture. It’s vibrant and energising to behold, but it stays within the lines you’d already drawn. I want to redraw the blueprint of my life. The best, and most challenging work is yet to come: I want to fix my daily eating habits properly, to create an income that will support my family’s live-anywhere lifestyle, and to find a long-term alternative to the burn-bright-then-burnout cycle of my creative life.

Hold me. Thanks, I was feeling shaky. I hope you’ll hold me to my commitments. And help me keep a sense of humour when I fall flat on my face. I hope what I learn will be transferable. So if you have things you’re trying to redesign, whether it’s nailbiting, the nine-to-five, or your nightly assaults on the peanut butter jar with a teaspoon, then sharpen your pencils and let’s redraft together.

Follow me, and support my changes. And I’ll follow you, and support yours. 

Yours, Laura Eades