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caffeine habitsIntroducing a brave new series

Welcome to the introductory page of the Cool, calm and caffeinated blogpost series. Here you’ll find out what this is all about – and incidentally, as I put up the posts, I’ll add links at the bottom of this page so if you want to return to them later, bookmark this page and it’ll serve as an index.

A steaming hot topic in my life

Overconsumption of coffee is a huge – possibly lynchpin – challenge for me, and I’m frothing at the mouth to begin! (Yes, that’s cappuccino, not saliva). I have tried various things this year, giving up totally and relapsing several times, and then trying a moderate regime – all with partial success. Prototype processes to really have the coffee drinking habit I would like: to be able to have a cup of coffee in the morning, and a cup of tea at lunch, and leave it at that. I feel like I’m creeping up on it, like a stealthy tiger.

To begin with, my first post is about the moment before you change a habit. You’re doing the self-destructive habit (in my case, escalating my coffee consumption), and you’re annoyed with yourself for doing it, but you’re not yet trying to tackle it. Know the feeling? Yep. Know it well.

Well, in Part 1: Drink deep, taste your motivation, I’m going to share my discovery about how this annoyance is a useful place to start, and how to replace guilt with curiosity. When you’ve fallen off the cool, calm and collected decaffeinated wagon and are now running alongside it, about to overtake, with your heart pounding in your forehead and your loved ones standing way back by the roadside with their thumbs sticking out like forsaken hitchikers – well, that’s your chance to get in touch with your deepest motivation to change.

But before I do, I just want to let you know what else to expect.

Coming up in the Cool, calm and caffeinated series

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I’m absolutely not in the business of trying to persuade anyone else to give something up! But if you’ve tackled or are wrestling with this one, I’d love to hear your comments below.

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