Make meditating more fun

Crows nest berlin cemetery

The crow’s nest in Berlin cemetery © Laura Eades 2013 all rights reserved

It’s my first week of mindfulness

If you missed a previous post, I’m following an online Mindfulness course over 16 weeks (though it’s an 8-week course).

I’ve overcome one of my roadblocks about meditation (I find it boring and I’m very impatient), by coming to my local cementary here in Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg to do the body scans in a lovely environment. Do it while the weather is still fine!

It’s a very special cemetery because, as well as being filmed in Lives of Others, it has lots of little contemplation spots everywhere. Among them are some permanent hammocks and the crow’s nest in the illustration. The last lying-down meditation I did there, I had my feet sticking out above the ladder. It must have looked really funny.

 There’s always background noise

It’s surprising how distracting nature can be. When blue tits visit your crow’s nest, you can’t help but get interested in them and have huge liking opinions. And they are doing roadworks on the road here too, so it’s not really peaceful. But it’s a far cry from the lightless hospital basement room where the first mindfulness sessions were pioneered!

I have felt very lucky to have time to visit here. It’s delighted me, and chilled me out no end, and made me feel uplifted.

Chilling out is not really explicitly an aim of mindfulness, I should add. In meditating I’ve found myself zoned out for really large portions of the body scans. But that is absolutely to be expected at this stage.

 A good moment

I did have one really great meditation moment the other day, though. I was doing the sitting meditation (I jumped ahead for variety – I told you I get bored easily) in the crow’s nest and at a certain point my mind wandered. I was probably thinking about this blog. I brought my attention back to my breath. I stayed there for a while. After a while, I realised that at some point, the recording had cut out and I hadn’t noticed. I’d drifted out of the door of the plane and was in freefall, meditating on my very own!

* * *

Can you meditate? I’ve had a whole bunch of different meditation experiences, and this is different to any previous ones. Are you thinking about mindfulness? I’d love to hear your comments in the comment section below (click on the grey plus sign in a little circle to open comments)