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Draw with anything - remember wax crayons? © Laura Eades 2013

Draw with anything – remember wax crayons? © Laura Eades 2013

This is an official Big Draw event! Right here on Illustrated Guide to Life! Be part of it. Here’s how…

Redesign your life – literally – in October. Draw with me, something small every day (Don’t panic, I’ll tell you what to draw in this here list). Stupid, funny, silly pictures that nonetheless hold their own imperfect magic, and that your unconscious mind might remember just when it needs them.


Big draw festival 2013: Draw the future

Big draw festival 2013: Draw the future

This year’s Big Draw Festival is all about drawing the future

Picture it being different. Visualise how the future could be – with a pencil, or with collage, or whatever you like to call ‘drawing’. Redraw its parameters and make them weirder and wider.

Let’s draw together

Yes please! Whoever you are, whether you think your drawing is half-decent or worthy of the recycle bin – let yourself, just for the hell of it.

I believe, as I said in this previous post, that drawing is good for your head. I’ll be posting more about how drawing has sorted me out during October, so take this opportunity to visit the blog, subscribe, become part of a little drawing community, rant on the comments sections…

But what are we going to draw??

Here’ s how it works: I’ll post a list of what to draw, updated with daily assignments, on a blogpage called What to Draw, here on illustratedguidetolife.com. (I’ll also put them on twitter and fb and, if you send me an email, I’ll mail it to you also). Don’t worry, it won’t be cheesy. It’ll be something abstract enough to get your teeth into, and positive. For example, it might be

a short cut

(because as I get older I prefer not to do things the long way round)


a balm for a bear with a a sore head

(because I want to deal with anger better in my future life)

you see?


How should I picture myself while drawing?

Good question. Think of yourself as a Ninja with a pencil, and a very small but essential mission to complete each day.

I’m shy. Can I have an artist’s pseudonym? 

Course you can Banksy. I mean Daphne. I mean Scribblo Picasso. Let me know what you want your credit to be. Do you have a special outfit you wear when you are drawing? A complete alter ego, like Grayson Perry’s drag persona? Just asking. You might draw differently in a wig, you never know.

Will it take a long time? 

Stop moaning, of course it bloody won’t. Would I ask you to do something every day that took a long time, when I feel so busy I rush the deep breaths I take before my lunch like an impatient locomotive leaving a station?

I wrote recently about being given the advice, “if you’re going to wreck it, wreck it quickly“. Don’t take ages over these drawings unless the doctor’s signed you off for bedrest. The last thing any of us needs is another onerous commitment – Jeez. Make it snappy, make it fun, let it be what it is.

Will anyone see my drawings?

If you send me them, I’ll put them on a pinboard on Pinterest. Go on, send me them. You should definitely share the fun. I would absolutely love to receive your drawings. I can’t emphasise that enough. Yes you! Your drawings! Reassure yourself that this blog is still a relatively new venture and doesn’t yet have cosmic numbers of subscribers. So only sympathetic readers will see them.

Send me your drawings, daily or when you like. At the end of the month if you want to be selective. I’ll gather them together here: http://www.pinterest.com/illustratedfrau/boards/

How shall I send you a drawing?

You can send me them however you like!

  • On Facebook facebook.com/illustratedguidetolife
  • On Twitter @illustratedfrau
  • By email to mslauralloyd@hotmail.co.uk
  • By mail – postcards? bundles of sketches? Yess – to Laura Eades Prenzlauer Allee 36E, 2ter Seitenflugel, Berlin 10405 – but you can also photograph or instagram your postcards and send me the photo, then you are free to post them to your loved ones. NB I can’t scan your pictures for you, sorry, no scanner
  • You can upload your pic to your own site (Flickr, blog, Pinterest page or whatever) and email me the url, so I can ‘pin’ it from there

I want to do it. How shall I get ready?

That’s an excellent question also. I had a great experience sending postcards daily for almost a year – and a postcard is a wonderful place to put a drawing. I love the ipad app Brushes, which makes drawing very very fast indeed. There are also drawing apps for smart phones and iphones so you could do your drawing on your commute. I love Moleskine books with little frames – you can get a storyboard one: filling a small space is far less daunting than a large one. Other ideas?


Sorry, I’m a bit slow. Where do I find the list of what to draw again? 

Here: http://illustratedguidetolife.com/2013/10/01/what-to-draw-a-list/

It’s updated early every morning so your new challenge should be with you when you start the day. Go Ninjas!

Will you publish the pictures on Facebook? Where will they be? 

No, not on Facebook. Or on Flickr. On Pinterest, yes.

Yes, I will publish them. They’ll be here: http://www.pinterest.com/illustratedfrau/boards/. You can follow me on Pinterest to see all the work of all the drawing ninjas this month. You’re in great company.

Can I have full credit for any pictures I send you?

Course you can. Just let me know what you want the credit to say, or the link you want to appear below to your website or whatever.

And copyright?

Stays with you, not with me. But you should indicate what you want a copyright statement to say eg ‘© Laura Eades 2013 all rights reserved’ or whatever.

I usually put my drawings online on my own blog or website.

You can upload the drawings on your own site, your own Flickr page, or Pinterest page, then just send me the page hyperlink and I’ll ‘pin’ it from Pinterest. That way, traffic comes back to your own site and your pictures lead interested people back to more of you.

I’m drawing on post-it notes. Do I really have to post them to you? 

Not really. You could, for example, photograph or instagram them, and then just email me the photos. Then you’re free to actually post your pictures to whoever you like, or keep them yourself in a scrapbook. I do love getting things through the post, though.

* * *

ps you can also leave comments on the blogpost page by clicking on the pale gray dot with a plus sign under the main body of text