A one-minute animated drawing manifesto

Here’s a very short, animated manifesto in praise of drawing – celebrating the Big Draw festival 

Drawing manifesto from Laura Eades on Vimeo.

One minute about drawing

A couple of years ago, I made an ‘animated’ theatre show called Patchwork – perhaps that’s a rather grand way of describing it. It was a kind of scrapbook style using microsoft Keynote – which was inspiring, by the way: you don’t have to be a professional to use some of the simpler animation tools available!

This was the first little sequence from that animation, because this part is all about drawing and why I love it. I’ve removed the punk rock soundtrack (for now) to give the words some space.

Don’t get persuaded to specialise away from the things you love to do

When you’re picking your subjects at school, sadly arts are often considered a luxury, since the jobs at the other end of them are much-sought-after and not always so secure or lucrative. But I wish arts weren’t considered cop-out at school. I’m not even sure the whole idea of specialising is well-founded. There are alternatives! I managed to keep up art until University, which I’m so glad about. After, I told myself I’d always do it as a hobby – but in reality, it takes effort to keep these things as part of your daily life. Even now I struggle to instate a bit of drawing into my daily routine. And – goodness, haven’t I got rusty in the meantime!?

Follow your passions

I’m a believer, fundamentally, that you should do mainly the things you love, and try to organise your life around them. If that means you have to work out how to make a living from drawing – then don’t be discouraged. I haven’t yet worked out my dream income stream, but a lot of people do make their living from their artwork, and there’s a lot of advice available about how to make it your main thing.

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