The most fun you can have on Earth


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I used to save fun just for the holidays. My daughter, who’s first word of the day is often ‘swings?’ has different priorities. Now I’m sure: the ideal life has a much higher ping-pong-to-productivity ratio than I formerly imagined.

When you list the things that make you happy, what comes up?

Are there things on the list that are just wonderfully life-enhancing, and better still, outcome-free? Essentially purposeless? All about fun?

For me, these include

  • Drawing
  • Camping and being outdoors in good weather
  • Reading fiction and watching films
  • Chatting with friends and loved ones
  • Playing ping-pong

That list seems pitifully short! But I suppose there are also some physically joyful things, too, like surfing, cycling, – and writing can be for fun too (though I forget and take it far too seriously. But the guy who writes a new one of his very own Butt Snork series every November doesn’t!).

What’s coming up on this topic on

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And I might tell you how I’ve done a few things that have been a sheer pleasure, like

And this coming year will ponder, what is leisure? And what is my attitude to pleasure? And why don’t we make it a much, much higher priority in our lives?

* * *

What are the most fun things on earth? What do I need more of in my life? Spend a few of these christmassy moments playing and enjoying and thinking about all that’s pointlessly brilliant. Click on the grey dot with a plus sign to open up the comments section below