Workspace Revolution animation and Radio 4 programme

Listen to the full half-hour radio programme on BBC Radio 4 iPlayer

Workspace Revolution – BBC Radio 4 Monday 24th March 2014 11am from Laura Eades on Vimeo.

This hand-drawn animation gives you a taster of Workspace Revolution

A radio programme about co-working spaces – what a great way to bring these unique spaces to life! I’ve glimpsed a couple that get a mention here – Bootstrap in London and Betahaus in Berlin – and this radio programme made me feel thoroughly inspired while I unstacked my dishwasher between novelling stints, wishing I were no longer just ‘working from home’! There is an alternative to the madness of solitude.

If you missed the programme, catch it on iPlayer this forthcoming week, and hopefully in perpetuity.

Coworking is about sharing – and this animation is for you!

If you’re in the coworking community or just happen to like it, feel free to share the links to the programme or embed the YouTube or Vimeo animation link in your social media outlets or on your website or blogpost. 

More about the radio programme

They’re called co-working spaces. Open space, rent-a-workstation complexes for young sole traders, often in beautiful ‘recovered’ buildings in the UK and round the world. And there’s one opening near you, offering new entrepreneurs hope at a difficult time. They nurture technological, artistic, creative, charitable socially enterprising and often surprising ventures. A new, optimistic beginning for the world of business and work? We visit spaces in London, Wales and Berlin to find out whether co-working spaces are the future for small business people with big ideas.

Animation: Laura Eades Audio production/radio programme: Sarah Cuddon for Testbed Productions

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