What’s on the horizon on Illustrated Guide to Life?

Apart from typos, that is? And breastmilk fountaining over my macbook pro keyboard? Oh – did I mention that I’m having a baby? Good blog!

Illustration painting print drawing: Sailing boat on a calm sea


On the horizon, I’m going to have my hands a little full. But that doesn’t mean this little blog boat won’t be sailing onwards. She just might be pulled this way and that by the tides of motherhood.

Life skills for families (lessons from the coalface)

Parenting a baby will be on the agenda, of course, since I’ve pretty much forgotten what that’s like and will be excited to rediscover it. And our daughter will turn three, too, so there will be parenting challenges to meet there too no doubt. But if family isn’t your top topic, don’t worry – my usual subjects will be there too.

Creative sustainability

I’ll be deciding the fate/next step of my novel, after getting some advice from a couple of readers. When to keep going? When to let go and do the next thing? And even if I were to keep going – how would I manage that, with my other commitments and dreams? What role does my creativity play in my life: is it moving my life forwards, or holding it up?

Happiness skills versus Dirty rabbits

I’ll be trying to survive sleep deprivation without binging on coffee and malt loaf, and trying to remember to move my body around in the fresh air sometimes, (when I can move again).

Money mindfulness

I’ll be dreaming about what enterprise I might begin and using my buggypushing dreamtime to try to reorientate my career with deepdown unconscious insight and proper fresh air. I’ll be having ideas for blogposts I may be unable to write. Sometimes, you may only get an illustration! But I’ll still be here, posting something, yes something will be posted, twice a week as usual.

Thoughts from Guest bloggers, my guides and inspirations

You’ll be hearing more from guest bloggers: people whose lives and writings inspire me and keep me moving in a direction I value. I hope you enjoy a change of voice from time to time! These are a few of the inspirations coming up:

  • Philip Cowell will continue to offer up meditations, exercises and experiments as he continues his mindfulness teachertraineeship.
  • Godelieve van Eekelen, HR specialist, thinks about how to reinvent her work life so it fits in with her new family life in Berlin.
  • Yvonne Gavan, journalist and parenting writer, will be sharing advice from the coalface of being a mother-of-three, and launching her own blog Three Shades of Sunshine, about her move to Barbados.
  • Christian Lloyd may or may not have time to write the odd post about life skills for kids. Depending on how much pointing at things and demanding he pick them up off the floor I do.

Stay with me. Stop me disappearing into a bubble. Remind me of the important things in life. Remind me not to overdo it. Give me wise advice so I don’t give myself a hard time for all the imperfections.

So, that’s it for now. I’m off to have a baby. See you on the other side of the C. The sea. The sea section…

* * *

Did you keep up your good habits during your maternity leave/sabbatical/holiday/convalescence? Or did you have to pick up the pieces? Did you gaze at the wide horizon or let the details draw you in? Click on the pale grey dot with a plus sign under the blogpost to open up the comment thread. I’d love to hear your version.

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