New series: Words that are in me

You know when you find you’ve taken some words to heart? For better or worse, they are in you now

Doughnuts Laura Eades 2014

Words that are inside me. Laura Eades 2014

I have Godelieve van Eekelen to thank for kicking off this series. She sent me a guest blogpost about sayings that have changed her.

Regardless of how words are used outwardly – to communicate, reason, argue, express and all that jazzy expenditure of media and fiction and chat, words also live inside us, in our internal conversation; in how we talk to ourselves. They hold a certain power over our unconscious, they can boost us and they can erode us.

I call this the lexicon of the soul.

So this series is about those words. The ones we took into the fabric of our being. The ones that stayed with us. The ones we live by, and the ones that scare us in the night. But mainly, the ones that hold beautiful truth, that we hold onto tight with our gut muscles.

* * *

This series is absolutely open to you. If you have words that have found their way into your inner lexicon, send them to me by email and I’ll illustrate them. Or just click on the comment thread using the pale grey dot with a plus sign under this post to add your thoughts there.

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