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Help me win training to be an eating psychology coach: watch, or ‘like’, or share, my two-minute animation

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I stand to win a scholarship for an eating psychology coaching training

With the tiniest bit of help from you.

Since my (over)eating habits have been the destructive behaviour I’ve probably been working on the longest, I’ve often thought it would be great to have support from someone with a lot of experience. I haven’t found a coach or mentor, so I’d like to become one so I can be that person for other people.

You can help me: you just have to view, ‘like’, and/or share, a two-minute animation I’ve made. Scroll down for more details of how to do that. The $4,000 prize is for the video that’s most compelling, and has the most views and ‘likes’ on YouTube.

We need specialists to help with ordinary disorderly eating

The fact is, if (like so many of us) you’re just a regular disorderly eater – I mean, someone whose relationship with food makes them somewhat miserable, rather than someone with a full-blown eating disorder – then it’s hard to even find a category for yourself, let alone wise counsel, or a forum or community.

The pervasive narratives are about greed, shame and self control. So it’s hard to even confide in your loved ones. The reality is so much more subtle than that, and the thrust of society’s approach only feeds guilt and self-punishment.

There’s a need for someone to be there. And be kind. Isn’t there?

This is an unmissable opportunity

For a while I’ve had my eye on this incredible-looking Eating Psychology Coach Certification Training from the unique Institute for the Psychology of Eating. I’ve never seen anything similar. The price held me back. So when I saw their competition to win a $4,000 scholarship, I knew I had to give it a try.

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