Learning gratitude

Thank you thank you thank you. And a free illustration you can send to someone!

ipad painting illustration sunflowers

Say it with flowers. Laura Eades 2014

Thank you to everyone who commented and liked my animation. (If you haven’t, it’s not too late).

Thanks for helping me on my way. For sharing me with your friends and your friends with me. The more we get together, the happier we’ll be!

This is only the first post on gratitude

There will be more!

I’m grateful to have discovered gratitude.

Gratitude is at he heart of turning around a victimmy feeling.

When that not-good-enough-yet feeling is all too present. (I know I’m not the only person whose self-criticism is especially strong). See the good.

Gratitude is proven to help with happiness

Check out Action for Happiness. Appreciation is one of their 10 research-proven happiness skills and along with noticing, gratitude is one powerful way to appreciate. (Check out the Thx Thx Thx bloglink for lovely thankyou notes written to life’s tiny blessings, now turned into a book).

What’s the secular take on gratitude? 

I do wonder this sometimes. When we feel grateful, if we aren’t thanking a God, where is our gratitude directed? What’s your take on this, people?

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Say thank you to someone today with this downloadable illustrated greeting.

ipad painting illustration sunflowers

Say it with flowers. Laura Eades 2014


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