You write, I draw

Is there a blogpost at your fingertips for Illustrated Guide to Life? Something for the ‘Words that are in me’ series, perhaps? 

Illustration painting print lettering drawing:  pen, writing; and pencil on paper

Me Tarzan, You Jane.You pen, I pencil. Laura Eades 2104

I think you know my blogpost style:

  • Funny or playful, reassuring, helpful, honest.
  • Humorous, personal, not too writerly. One or two jokes? Don’t worry too much, cos I’ll illustrate it and handdrawn pics always add light-heartedness.

You know the themes, right?

  • Lifestyle redesign (living differently and alternative career-making), creative sustainability, life skills and parenting, happiness skills (patience, generosity, gratitutude etc), bad habits, relationships (I haven’t written about that one yet!), mindfulness, physical joy, play…

So you could write posts that…

  • Explore a really honed-in-on-life-obstacle in the moment of it gripping you
  • Or helps readers solve something that YOU have experience of solving
  • Or explores how you give structure to a psychological or creative process you’re trying out. How others could experience it in a similar and simple way
  • Share the sense of reassurance that anyone can do it, and that we all encounter the same problems.

What helped make it happen?

  • Your group, your cause, your solution. Any unexpected obstacles you overcame/benefits/shortcuts and tricks you learned… What’s gained, what’s lost; what’s needed next (and what the readers can chip in with in terms of discussion – though they don’t always

Format, length, biog

  • About 500 words is fine, more than 1000 bit of a hassle to proofread etc.
  • I always break it down into subheadings, sometimes as if the reader is asking questions (if this style comes naturally to you, go for it, if not, I’ll probably edit it with subheads anyway).
  • Please include a couple of lines about who you are personally/professionally/aspirationally for a little biography. Feel free to include your own bloglink etc
  • Include ALL hyperlinks to any people or sites you cite/reference.
  • Rich text format preferred, or Word. But please. Don’t format it!

I’m happy to read drafts – give me a clue how it’s going so I can illustrate in advance!!

* * *

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