Monday tidal wave. Good luck with your week, people. The water’s less cold once you’re fully drenched. And the leisure of the weekend is not lost

iPad illustration Monday tidal wave

Monday hits like a tidal wave. Laura Eades 2014

The schism between weekend and workweek doesn’t just disappear if you work for yourself, or even if you don’t work, there are still nights when you go to bed and know there’s a lot to sort out the next day.

What can we do to help ourselves? Here’s are seven sunny solutions:

  1. Introduce more ‘leisure’ into our workweek. Do the things we would normally save for holiday, like eating lunch somewhere with a view…
  2. Consider a lifestyle redesign based around the kind of rhythm you’d like to have in your workweek and the amount of yourself you pour into your work.
  3. Overcome your reluctance about your jobs. Consider if there’s something particular you’re avoiding in your joblist, that’s giving you the fear, and break it down or make an action plan.
  4. If the joblist is long, create a ritual around sitting down at your desk and making a start. Take care of the part when you’re in the dressing-room so the gig goes with a bang.
  5. Stop striving for prestige and prioritise your own happiness (watch this animation to see what this means to me). In your day. Each day. Stop putting off enjoying a day until you’ve ‘made it’, and consider how the rush to get things done (because we’re not good enough yet, right?) makes us feel there isn’t time in the day for, you know, a wee, or a sandwich.
  6. Savour all that’s good in your Monday. Monday deserves a break. It’s offering you untold surprises and riches, but when you feel hard done by you can’t appreciate them.
  7. Be as fully ‘in’ your Monday as you can be. It is what it is. It’s a very Mondayish Monday. Take the time to feel it, rather than avoid it, and notice that you’re wasting your energy wishing it were different. You can’t make it a Friday.

* * *

This is a very imperfect list of solutions. There are many more. What’s yours? Move to Thailand? Buy better cereal? Open the comment thread by clicking on the pale grey dot with a plus sign on it.

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