How to start a virtuous circle

And how to end a vicious circle! There’s one change I need to make for all the others to flow

End a vicious circle
What a virtuous circle. Laura Eades 2014

Dear Laura,

There’s one easy thing you can do that will have a profound effect on all your other habits.

One thing you’ve been overlooking, that you think is optional; insignificant; nice for those who can manage it.

You’re busy. You don’t have time. You’re stressed. Overwhelmed. I get it.

Your tendencies and temptations are creeping up on you – overeating, overcaffeinating, using just a little bit of beer to unwind.

Other days you’re a little down, blue and sluggish, hibernatory and procrastinatory.

And you don’t have time to fix these habits. You don’t have strength.

You don’t know where to start.

I get it. I get it because we’ve been here before, learning the same life lessons over and over like figure of eight that always comes back to the centre.

What’s at the centre? This is:

They’ll fix themselves when you do this:

Go. And take. Some. Exercise.

Just move. Just enjoy it.

I get it. Take more exercise! Yeah, yeah.

Everyone knows that’s a good thing.

But do you sometimes think you can manage without it? Perhaps you didn’t discover exercise until your twenties. Perhaps you lived without it (and got depressed sometimes?) and you think that that’s how it should be if you’re busy.

You think it’s an add-on. I mean, if you don’t need superfitness or to look amazing, then it’s not necessary, right?. It’s like, some hobby it would be nice to fit in somewhere?

Mm, you’re right. It would probably be good. 

No, sweet friend, it is necessary. It’s the motor that turns your whole circulation in a virtuous circle. Like a miracle.

Start shaking your ass a little, in whichever way you enjoy or can, and you will automatically, crave better food. Have a more positive attitude. Feel sexier. Be less self-critical. Be more energetic. Sleep better. Your appetite will start speaking to you again. You’ll be more relaxed. Breathe properly.

It’s not, like, the cherry on the cake. It’s the fricking egg without which the cake will not rise.

Cake! That sounds nice.

OK< inappropriate metaphor.

I understand your reluctance. You’re remembering that you weren’t good at sport at school. Forgetting that it’s enjoyable to move.

How, cleverclogs, am I supposed to manage it?

I’ve seen what’s on your plate. I’ve seen your schedule. And your other projects are pressing. Just fit it in. Small. So small you can’t refuse yourself. So small you can’t fail. Remember when you were learning to run? You had a newborn then, remember? You started with five minutes of walking and one minute of running! Start small. Get the ball rolling.

Build your life from exercise upwards and outwards. Shake your ass, feel better.


Your body.

* * *

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