How to draw a kids’ book using iPad – Big Draw Festival online event

Yes, that’s our project for this month’s Big Draw Festival! Bookmark and revisit this page for updates

How to draw a kids book on iPad

Look at the child! She wants so badly to read your picture book. Laura Eades 2014

Big draw 2014: Draw a kids' book

Big draw 2014: Draw a kids’ book

Literally anyone – yes, even you – can draw a book as a gift for a child you know.

Messy, colourful, sentimental, experimental, your children’s book is GONNA ROCK. Nice gift huh?

It won’t even take that long. I’m GIVING THE ORDERS HERE and I won’t let you go slowly, because I want you to get your first illustrated children’s book DONE ALREADY!

Who knows what you’ll create when you draw so fast your inner art critic doesn’t have time to reach for her eraser, or the digital version, the iPad’s ‘undo’ button!

During this month’s Big Draw Festival, follow my updates her on illustratedguidetolife. And by November you’ll have something unique to share with a child you know, either in ebook or printed form.

You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to make something WOW!

So download iPad Brushes app, and see you here.

x Laura