Draw a kids’ book #1: A rough outline

Hello! Are you joining me to draw a kids’ book using iPad? This Big Draw Festival event is all about putting lines out there without fear or fuss. Now…

Big draw 2014: Draw a kids' book

Big draw 2014: Draw a kids’ book

Let’s get started! By the end of today we’re gonna have an outline for the whole thing. Can you believe it? Well, we’re going to make it really simple and just ride out the imperfections.

But the first lines we need are lines of text, to illustrate.

Draw a kids' book using ipad

Little Elbina. Laura Eades 2014

Who’s the book for?

Name the child you’re gonna give the book to at the end of the month. What do they look like? What are they into? Could they be a character? What does their name rhyme with?

Now write some words!

Gulp! But I signed up for a drawing course, and now you’re asking me to write!

Nah. Yeah. Whatever. Don’t worry about making them amazing or profound.

Try this: Make a rhyme based around the name of the child. Nonsense is good! There’s more freedom with pictures that way. And in letting go of sense, you are in some ways, letting go of standards. Just let it be what sounds OK!

One easy way to get a rhyme going in your head is…

to go for a walk, and say the words over in a rhythm.

For example: Little Oriole Upside-Down, Often had a smile and rarely had a frown. She rained her sunshine from the ground, Little Oriole Upside-Down.  

How long?

Just a couple of verses maximum, otherwise you’ll have too many pictures to draw! Think of classics like Where the Wild Things Are. Well, we aren’t aiming that high I hope, just to please our little people. But my point is, there’s a double page of picture for every few words. Every sentence is split up. Max…

made mischief of one kind

and another

You get the picture. Just a few words to hang the pictures onto, not a great big story,

For inspiration on writing for kids

Try Michael Rosen or John Hegley.

Or just barbarise the lyrics of a popsong you know, chucking the child’s name in here and there.

Draw a kids' book using ipad

And a kipper in a slipper. Laura Eades 2014

I’m doing it with you

Yes for real!

I’m doing this rhyme I mumbo jumbo’d out for my daughter when she was a baby and I wanted to sing to her while I took a shower:

  • Little Elbina Valentina, Cup of Ribena, Ford Cortina.
  • Ford Cortina, Vauxhall Astra, plate of pasta, and a Rasta. 
  • Rastafarian, Vegetarian, Octagenarian, in a camper van. 
  • VW camper, furry hamster, and a kipper in a slipper. 
  • Slipper shipper, shipper capotina, little Elbina, Valentina. 

Questions? Tips to share?

Open the comment thread below the blogpost. I’m here. I’ll respond.

* * *

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