Draw a kids’ book #3: Colour it in

Colouring can slow you down if you don’t splash on the digital paint. When you’re using iPad to draw a kids’ book, you can tidy it later

Big draw 2014: Draw a kids' book

Big draw 2014: Draw a kids’ book

One thing I found really helps with this is to use your layers in Brushes app. Keep your outlines on top on transparent layers and splash the colour on underneath. Then you can kind of ‘trace’ your original sketch a bit more carefully on top of the colours. The end effect is a bit mismatched, like a lovely silkscreen print.

Make a riot of colour 

Work out how many pics you need to finish off this week. Put blocks of colour for every one of your sketches.

Take heart from the masters

For inspiration on splashy, scrappy artwork, look at Dallas Clayton or Quentin Blake. Don’t be afraid of imperfection – it’s what drawing is all about.

Nothing more to say. 

Don’t talk about it, do it. 

* * *

How are you doing? 

Did you get stuck anywhere? Or were you productive last week? Wanna share your artwork or process here? Mail me or open the comment thread.

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