Trying out an entrepreneurial idea: Keep costs low

This stamp pad made from a sanitary towel is like a Viz top tip for thrifty artists. But costs count

Cheap living, free time Laura Eades

Cheap living, free time. Inspired by Miriam Frank, Laura Eades 2014

Live on less

We live in Berlin to keep our living costs low (by comparison to London). It’s allowed us to live on one salary for a few years, which has bought me thinking time and gifted me a novel-writing experience too. I’d like to go further with the entrepreneurial part of me, so having low debts, and low overheads, goes hand in hand with buying time to invest in an idea. This is very much on  my mind when I plan my family’s future and pursue the ultimate dream of an alternative, independently-funded, lifestyle for us.

Whoa there

Timothy Ferriss, author of 4-hour workweek, suggests that when you’re launching a new product idea, it shouldn’t take more than 500 dollars to test. For some reason, this gem of information stayed with me, and usefully deterred me from filling my cellar with pulley-operated ceiling clothes airers, though part of me still thinks you could make a killing in high-ceilinged Berlin. Fricking fold-out clothes horse contraption worse than a deck chair!!!!

Simple step

It’s been a long time, exactly three (maternity leave/novelling) years, since there’s been any movement in my life around money. I’ll write about money more someday, because I think I’d like to evolve my relationship with it. The journey is probably a New Age one, probably a habit change one, possibly – who knows? – even a spiritual one.

What the hell am I talking about? Give my gift more, get rewarded more, share more generously, hold it less tightly, feel more deserving, release my moral ideas about it being a nasty substance; all that. Ultimately, do what you love and not think about earning, and not need to, because you’re earning in a natural and cheerful and amicable manner. Sound good? Sounds like heaven. Hypnotherapists, please email.

Looks good on paper

Yes it does! Recently, I’ve been enjoying printing, so I just thought it might be nice to create a couple of designs and make them available for purchase later this week. I’m not aiming for the big auctions, this is just a kitchen-table enterprise, but it’s of great symbolic significance to me right now. LOOK OUT PEOPLE I’M GONNA OFFER YOU SOME ACTUAL ART TO TAKE HOME!

Art materials are expensive, so yesterday I came up with this gem of genius:

Sanitary towel ink pad for printing and stamping

Sanitary towel ink pad for printing and stamping. Laura Eades 2014

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More handy money-saving hints for artists? Keeping your living costs low? Open the comment section and pitch in (Pale grey dot with a plus sign below the post)

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