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WINTER SALE: Original unframed A3 prints 25 each

  • TWO prints for 42
  • p+p to EU €5

Unique, handprinted with ink and bronze/gold paint on durable creamwhite watercolour paper. Click on the image to see an enlarged version.

  • Shipping to UK or elsewhere in EU: €5
  • If you’re a Berlin customer, email me to arrange a pickup of your print.


  1. Add up what you owe. That’s 25 per print, or €42 for two, plus €5 p+p to EU/UK
  2. Pay by clicking the button below, which takes you to a Paypal site. Tell me your name in the Reference box!
  3. Lastly, fill out the contact form below, telling me the name(s) of the print(s) you’ve ordered (so I can earmark the item as yours) and your delivery address.

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