Reflections on hospital: Shiny and renew

We just came back from a spell in hospital. This is the first post in a series called Reflections on hospital, of the little lessons learnt on the ward

Reflections of trees in puddles in the park. Laura Eades

Reflections in puddles in the park. Laura Eades 2014

We came out of hospital yesterday, after a week on the children’s ward. My seven-month-old baby is much recovered from pneumonia. Go girl!

Smile if you’re healthy

We came home, and she recognised her musical box with the spinning ducks, and smiled. Actually, she smiled most of the way through her illness, so I was never afraid for her. Smiling is so brilliant: the life shines out of us like a lantern, and lights up what it sunbeams upon.

Taste the air

I remember when I came out of hospital last year, after a spell of gastroenteritis while pregnant. I walked home gingerly across the park. It was a lovely walk, though the weather was grey: the trees and silvery sky were reflected in the glassy puddles and the air smelled real and outdoorsy. There’s nothing to beat stepping outside for clarity. If there’s one thing you do today, remember to open a door and gulp down that air, because you can, and some people can’t make it outdoors today!

Angels. Or at least, very nice people

I vividly remember on that walk carrying amazement at all the medical staff with me: gratitude that there was a place you could go if you were doubled up with illness, if you were crying or being gross, being sweaty or vomming or worse. They’d clean you up. They’d pace you through it.

Of course, when I was a girl I had a play nurse’s uniform and a little syringe. Since then, I hadn’t really needed them, the nurses. So I forgot them, and now I think, wow, what a lucky place we live in, that a complete stranger would help you, if you needed it. It’s good to know.

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