New year’s resolutions still unresolved? You’re on the right track

Happy new year! If you give up anything, give up self-punishment, brutal regimes, and the delusion that anything is more important than connection

Sunrise over Berlin. Laura Eades 2015

Sunrise over Berlin. Laura Eades 2015

I wish you (and me) that this year brings:

  • peace in your heart
  • honouring your imperfections
  • trust in enough 
  • confidence in your inner wisdom
  • love in your actions
  • slowing down and sinking in
  • surprise in your relationships
  • responsiveness in your communication
  • forgiveness not blame
  • playfulness with your self-sabotage
  • fun in your body
  • ownership of your qualities
  • respect for your evolution
  • prioritising connectedness
  • letting go of the self-importance of busyness

365 more days coming up… expand each one into a lastforever day!

Resolutions are rules.

But you don’t have to make any rules for yourself, giving things up. Just set your sights on the good loving stuff, and trust that this year you’ll be experiencing ease…

not panic-induced ambition, not calculating and scheming, not self-discipline, not sacrificing your present to reach goals and ambitions, not beating yourself up for slip-ups, not stuck irritated self-righteous judgmental and blameful, not seeing your body as a perfection project but as a vehicle for experience, not skimming over your accomplishments and zooming onto new things, not making getting shit done more important than connecting to other people, not having your replies already formulated before you’ve listened…

* * *

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