How often should you publish your blog? Once

Illustrated Guide to Life is publishing just once a week for a bit. So we can get a bit serious about things. Mainly breakfast

Serious face Laura Eades 2015

Getting serious. Laura Eades 2015

Since I started in August 2013, I’ve been publishing twice a week. It’s time for a change of rhythm. From now for a while, they’ll be coming just once a week.

I’ve been thinking a lot about rhythm

It’s more fundamental to our lives than we realise – from that first sensation of Mamma’s heartbeat in utero, our first breath that marks our start of an independent body’s living, our footsteps, our keening towards ambitions, our racing thoughts and gabbling tongues, the numnumnum sound of the breadmachine right now… Rhythm is around us and inside us. But also, as a self-unemployed person, it’s woefully lacking in my day. So I’m trying out a few things – teasing it into a new pattern, to see if it sticks.

I’ve been telling myself for the past couple of years to go slower. But I didn’t know where to start.

“How can I go slower, when I’ve got so much blogging about going slow to do?”

Start by saying No to overcommitments, I say to myself. Start by prioritising the small things. Like, a slow leisurely breakfast (you think I’m lazy? I did too, but then I realised: I pledged myself new eating habits for life. That means concentrating while eating. That means making taking time over meals the most important thing. So the ‘jobs’ can wait), and then some meditation, rather than switching the computer on in a panic about self-imposed deadlines.

I’ve heard it said that saying ‘No’ to some things is an act of self-compassion

Or even self-love. And since I’m still learning what ‘self-love’ means, the discovery that I might lessen the pressures on my own time is a radical one. I’m saying No to the projects I crowd my headspace with.

Less blog publishing means: 

  • More time for breakfast and meditation
  • More headspace for self-development, journalling time
  • Enough time for the things I’m already doing, like writing and being a parent

If I find I have enough time, maybe it also means I can get serious in blogging terms:

  • I might eventually rustle up that redesign I’ve been planning, so you can actually navigate my site. I said MIGHT!

But let’s not crowd the cleared space too readily. Maybe I’ll get none of the blogging stuff done. If I just eat a slow breakfast, that’s already a win!

Quality, not quantity

I’ve got some quality stuff coming up, and I didn’t even write half of it!

Philip Cowell will be talking about Foucault, sex and mindfulness; writer’s block; and the land we live on. Amelie Vrla will also be taking a perverse approach to irritations.

And I’ll be here too. I’m always here.

* * *

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