You CAN make your own website

Of course you can. You just have to spend a few absorbing hours fiddling. OK, then you  have to spend a few more hours. Sometimes I think: Is it worth it?

Sarah Sheldon's website

Here’s a website I made for Sarah Sheldon. On the strict proviso that she learnt to update it and use wordpress herself. Laura Eades 2015

* * *

I’m redesigning my site at the moment. Thanks for bearing with me. Gosh, it takes time. And time and time. I didn’t know I had so much time!

It’s definitely worth doing your own blog-based website (with static pages with info about yourself), or straight blog (diary form publication). It’s basically the same thing. It pays off.

Why? Because:

  1. It is quite a thrill when new things go up. That’s you that is. You did that, you put yourself out there to the world. You made yourself vulnerable, you took the risk, you put your webpages where your mouth is, and that courageous energy shall surely get some kind of response from the world.
  2. You get the independence of doing things yourself. Like being able to drive a car. You’re an adult. You live in this tech moment. You didn’t get intimidated. You tinkered and you Googled and you asked people and you went on the wordpress forums until you figured it.
  3. You’re not dependent on paying a designer. You pay a designer to make you something beautiful. It’s like buying a camper van. But every time you want to do something to it, you pay again. That camper needs fixing. And you have to wait for your designer to fit in your insignificant little fix.
  4. You get to change your site as you change. Your new tech learnings develop with you. Your skills change and your focus changes. I didn’t know last year I’d be about to become an eating psychology coach! Or want to learn how to sell things on a ‘shop’ page on my site!
  5. You get to make your site really current. So you might actually get readers! If you publish info about an event you’re having, or a new picture you want to sell or show the world,  or ask a question, you can. Now. The day it matters.
  6. ‘Tis a thing of beauty. I know this might not matter to you, but making beautiful things is soooo motivating to me. If I can visualise it, my energy wakes up and moves towards it with such a force. And web pages can be beautiful. Seeing things on screen kind of makes them more beautiful, in my opinion. It legitimises them.

I’m convinced. So how should I make a web site or blog?

It’s not worth me writing a tech how-to. I don’t even know enough really, I  just know about WordPress and Blogger, since that’s what I’ve tinkered with. Just Google it, there are some great ones out there with pictures to help you too. If you’re an artist, maybe check out Cory Huff’s advice on creating an artist website. Go on wordpress and just follow one of their how-to pages. Check out some of the other services like Wix, where you can make your own template up?

* * *

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