Happy Easter

Snow, hail, rain, blue sky, wind bending the trees, clouds zooming. May you seize every sunbeam

After scouring the internet for flights to Malaga and Tel Aviv, we’ve settled for celebrating Spring by taking the whippers for four nights in a shed in a nowhere village in the German countryside. Sometimes these lastminute family holidays are great! You puzzle for ages about what you can and can’t do with kids. But really, the answer is: anything! Our three-year-old is as excited as if it were Malaga. It’s so beautiful!

She drew this picture on my iPad.

Weather webSo we’ll be bundling out the door for a trainride laden with binbag-lined rucksacks stuffed with anoraks, and the promise of bike hire from some nutcase in a nearby village. I bought our baby a tiny helmet yesterday! I’m a pretty smiley person when trundling leisurelily on a bike so that’s a reasonable bet. The weather report is not fair. We’re committed to nipping out to grab every ray of sunshine. We may hastily invest in a kite.

May we enjoy simplicity. May we weather the weather. May we improvise like pros and giggle on a squeaky sofabed. In truth, I love the riches of thrift. (Luxury comes as a welcome surprise from time to time too I guess). May those not be noble last words.

Lots of love to everyone. Enjoy your breaks, your families, your bonfires, your socks drying on the radiator.