How to get into a great weightloss mindset

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Guilt. Shame. Self-reproach. Self-policing. Powering through. Pushing yourself. Taking failure to heart. Wishing surgery on your body parts. Believing that you will never. Rushing. Setting unrealistic goals. Just generally thinking, actually. Stop that already. 

Mindset negative thoughts

A lighter mindset involves wisdom rather than thinky thinking. Laura Lloyd 2016

Perceptual shift is key, if you want to lose weight

Self-perception, specifically. And perhaps also a shift in how you think around food and body. But it doesn’t require hours of trying to ‘think positive’ or outsmart your own negative thinking. Just put your focus entirely on developing a couple of new mental habits. The dross will naturally fall away. Depressed thinking rights itself, if you don’t pile a ton more thinking on top of it. Uh-huh. Flow.

Specifically, these mental practices are your weightloss superpowers:

  • Actively develop gratitude and watch it melt away judgment of yourself and others
  • Applaud all improvements
  • Pay no attention whatsoever to slipups or shortcomings
Positive mindset

Take on a positive mindset. It’s not the same as positive thinking. You just appreciate what’s good, and don’t fuel your shame with negative attention. Laura Lloyd 2016

Oh, yeah, gratitude, well I knew that already

Great that you recognise what I mean. You’re glad of your life. That’s good.

Do you do it about your body too? Being thankful if you can breathe easily, or thankful your joints work, or your senses. Thankful that you have curiosity you can turn on your troubled turbulent moments and wonder “What’s going on here?”. Thankful for your support networks.

I meet plenty of postnatal women who hate what pregnancy has done to their bellies. They hate their bellies so much they’d like to have them tucked. I can understand: mine is puckered with a deep fold where my cesarean scar is, and I’d much prefer it if it were flat. But I can be grateful my body made a child there, and grateful that softness and stretchiness symbolise tenderness and flexibility that motherhood has brought out of me.

What if you don’t really do gratitude yet?

But, and I’m not saying you’re paying lip service to gratitude, but I dare you. Maybe you could go deeper with this gratitude thing. Go nuts on it for this month.

  • Text things you’re grateful for to someone who agrees to be the keeper of your thoughts.
  • Buy a beautiful diary and make a nice ol’ list each night.
  • Take moments to be grateful for the colours of your food before you eat.
  • Pause over your morning coffee and say 3 things about your body and your journey you’re grateful for.
  • Stand naked in front of the mirror each day and name something you can turn loving-kindness on, even if it’s an elbow that works without complaint. There is so so much that’s right with your body.
  • Inhale gratitude, breathe out judgment
  • Notice when you feel judgy towards other people. Recognise that judgment comes from a place of ‘it’s not good enough’. Now see what works about them, and be grateful for it. Do the same for yourself.

Do you really believe in encouragement over punishment?

Applaud every improvement, pay no attention at all to slipups. Yep. Every. None at all.

What would you do as far as your kids are concerned (if you have any), or the children in your life?

Positive parenting is a great way to help your children develop. You don’t criticise and yell at them for their mistakes and lack of development, you just keep on praising them for their attempts. And you’re the noticer of their progress.

So this month as you’re taking on a new mindset, try to be as compassionate to yourself in your learning as you would be to your own child. You don’t think they aren’t good enough, or are falling short. You just recognise that they are where they are on their developmental evolution. And you celebrate every new thing they try.

So now do that for you.

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Have you tried this? How’s it working for you?