How to slow down your eating

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Slowing down your eating is absolutely key if you aim to lose weight and alter your eating psychology. It sounds simple, but are you really doing it yet? This month, make it your business to start learning and practising

Here’s a simple list of straightforward actions for you to try this month:–

Girl and snail practice slowing down

Learning to eat slowly; slowly learning. Laura Lloyd 2016

Find a meal to practise slowing down with

  1. Think through your day. Your meals, your snacks. (Many people eat three meals and two snacks, but that might not be you. Think through what you do). Choose one eating experience when you can take time alone to concentrate on your food.
  2. Think about making it nice – have food you actually like.
  3. Preferably, eat it in a location you like. Maybe outdoors for better oxygen and flavour?
  4. Try to give it your full attention. Before you eat, look at it. You might want to take 3 deep breaths to arrive into the moment.
  5. As you eat, try to take your time. Try to breathe. Try to take a journey through the tastes and take in full pleasure in your food. Pleasure is integral to digestion!
  6. If you can, try to bring a bit of that slowness to your other meals too. When you can’t, notice what’s stopping you.
  7. Do it every single day, all month long.

It’s simple, but it’s ninja-level

Sometimes we are very busy ‘doing’ and can’t settle into a moment of ‘being’ like eating requires. We’re locked in a highly self-important gear. As you try to make eating slowly second nature, you will drift off and zone out. You will be plagued by the urge to check your phone, to tweet that you’re having a mindful experience etc. Just repeatedly bring yourself back to your food.

What’s stopping you?

You can keep a list beside you. Write down all the distraction things you get the urge to do which are calling you away from your food, as they come up. Then just come back to your food. Afterwards, you can laugh that you suddenly felt the urge to clean the handbasin mid-sandwich.

Or, you might find that you find it hard to focus on your food because something in particular is repeatedly stressing you out, like the idea that you have to be productive or make money every minute of the day. Which would be useful knowledge!

Awareness is incredible

I can’t emphasise enough how turning your awareness on experiencing your food is going to have a ripple effect through your eating habits.

Slow means relaxed means weightloss. That’s science, that is

Relaxed body is in full metabolic capacity. That means you can digest and assimilate your food properly, getting the full nutrition from it so you don’t crave more. Plus, relaxed body burns calories more efficiently.

Of course, if you’re going slowly, you also stand a chance of noticing when you’re just eating because your jaw is in a munching rhythm, but you’ve actually lost interest and hunger. You might be full then, wouldn’t you say?

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So, what was calling you so urgently from your food? Share in the comment thread for everyone’s entertainment.