How to raise the quality of your food

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Elevating the quality of your food is key to weight loss. Processed foods are, at best, confusing to our appetites, and may be why we are carrying extra weight in the first place. So let’s eat real, whole foods from now on

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Elevate your food. Laura Lloyd 2016

How whole is whole? Like, raw? Paleo?

Whole food has had less done to it. Refined white flour has had its bran stripped out, and it’s been milled, and even if wheat is wholegrain it’s still likely to have been genetically altered as a crop also. Whereas brown rice is brown rice. So if you’re choosing between brown rice and white bread, the rice is closer to its natural state= it’s a whole food.

But I’m not suggesting you go on a raw food diet. Cooking is one process that can on occasion enhance your body’s ability to grab the nutrients from the food (as in the case of broccoli and carrots).

Argh! Did you say COOKING?

The best way to eat food that doesn’t come in packets with lists of ingredients on the label is to cook it yourself. Cook! Cooking is sexy. It is very attractive. It is very creative. It is a happy happy thing. Cook simply – just put different colours on a plate together. Sprinkle it with something that’s not from a jar with a label on it. Voila!

Not all food improvements require cooking

Challenge yourself to figure out what kind of preparation you’d need to eat your own homemade food.

  • Would you chop veg every few days and keep it in tupperware or in freezer bags in the fridge so it’s ready when you’re tired?
  • Would you take a detour past a better supermarket?
  • Would you buy yourself a new snazzy lunchbox?
  • Would you stock up on nuts and apples and things you can put in your pocket so you don’t visit bakeries and kebab shops when you’re on the run?
  • But you can start elevating the quality of your food simply by strategically replacing and upgrading a few things in your fridge or store cupboard.

Pick an area of your diet to ramp up a notch

Weird or nasty fats. Cheap carbs. Processed food. Cheaper meats. Cheap dairy. Inorganic veg. Your water. Your treat stash in your freezer drawer.

  1. What do you think is the most detrimental food in your diet?
  2. Throw out processed rubbish.
  3. Go to a decent bio shop or nice market. Buy a better one. Enjoy the improvements. Feel less guilt about what you eat. Appreciate mother nature’s incredible bounty, and feel dead lucky.

A motto to bear in mind:

A better one that you can consistently afford is a real diet improvement. An amazing one that you can only afford the once is just an experiment.