Got bad habits, don’t clean out your rabbits

Illustrated Guide to Life Habit change

Scruffy rabbits. Those habits need a cleanup

– Bad manners

Hello, You.

I wish I had known, when I was younger, the life skills that I’m discovering now. Practical skills that sound like small tricks, but when added together, they make happiness happen.

  • How to get a grip on out-of-control consumption – food, caffeine, booze, shopping…
  • How to talk to your innermost self (your unconscious mind) in a positive way
  • How to let your creativity flow freely, and avoid burnout
  • How to relax and savour joyful experiences
  • How to make job choices (or be self-employed) doing the things that make you happiest
  • How to choose a lifestyle that gives you freedom and adventure – even with a family

C’mon! Those rabbits deserve a hutch with a touch of interior design, and a few new pictures on the wall.

Yours,  Laura Eades