Eating psychology coaching

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Your food struggle is not just about what you eat. It’s about who you are as an eater.

My coaching shifts how you eat.

I’m humorous, human, and I listen from the heart.

My sessions are uplifting, heartburstingly beautiful, devilishly practical, and I love them – you will too: they are some of the best conversations you’ll ever have, guaranteed!

You have the power.

In the past, you have probably put a lot of focus on what you eat, right?

Well, I don’t. (OK, I’ll check out your nutritional balance in case you’re experiencing biologically-driven food cravings. But that’s it.)

You take responsibility for what you eat. Feeding ourselves is one of our first and most fundamental acts of autonomy.

I trust you. And I teach you to trust you. Sound scary? That’s where having a coach walk the path with you is an absolute must.

You need the skill of listening to your desires. Your real, deep, bodily appetite. You’re the one who has to shop, cook and eat, every week of your life.

No diets. No meal plans.


Instead, I coach your discovery of these skills: 

  • Mindful and intuitive eating: Stop being a ‘good girl’ and trying to follow rules, using willpower and diligence. Try out a different way of being – with food, and in your life.
  • Understanding metabolism: I also teach you the simple science around appetite, stress, digestion, meal timing, and your body’s pleasure mechanisms. That’s how I’ll help you get your metabolism running so smoothly you burn calories and absorb all the nutrients you dream of.
  • Movement: With accountability to me, you’ll also develop a movement habit (exercise, only much more enjoyable!) for life.
  • Habit change: We’ll eliminate the mental habits that are setting you up for failure with food. Living by ‘shoulds’, for example. And the physical habits too: like TV-grazing.
  • Dealing with emotions & beliefs: And we’ll be taking a look at the other areas of life stress that are impacting upon your eating. Your hungers. Your anxieties. Your attitude to pleasure and success.

How you do one thing is how you do everything.

Reshape your body and your life.

Solve your eating struggles and free up your energy for things that really matter. Like doing your thang. Loving your people.

It’s imperative that we as women stop devoting half our brainspace to this life-draining nonsense. For many people, it’s normal. But you can have a new normal. 

Change your life. When you eat mindfully, you bring mindfulness into your life. When you eat intuitively, you tap into your inner wisdom.

Find peace with food.

It’s time to stop struggling with food.

People often ask me: Do you only work with anorexic and bulimic sufferers?

The answer is no! The majority of my clients are people whose ‘everyday’ eating concerns are taking up way too much headspace.
You know, stuff like:

  • Weight concerns
  • Chronic dieting
  • Health obsession
  • Preoccupation with food, guilt, virtue
  • Reluctance to exercise
  • Distracted eating and workaholism
  • Disliking your body
  • Overeating, binge eating
  • Emotional eating
  • Depression and fatigue
  • Allergies and intolerances
  • eating habits that drive you nuts but have no diagnostic name…


What’s the setup?

  • In person, at my home
  • In person, walk-and-talk
  • Skype/Facetime
  • Google Hangouts (group calls)
  • or telephone

Sessions are usually 90 minutes-2 hours long.

We have an epic conversation. Sometimes we do activities in the session: written ones, meditations, visualisations, mirror encounters, and more. Then we crystallize your vision for yourself, and create practical strategies, setting weekly actions.

Some sessions have even included shopping and learning to cook, going to a naked spa, or walking together to fit in some movement alongside.

You have the power. Change is on you. Unlike your past attempts to manage your eating, it’s not about being strict or having willpower.

This time, it’s all about making a commitment and facing your fears, and trusting your body wisdom. The gains are extraordinary.

You summarise the session, and you are then rewarded with an exciting email containing lovely illustrated homework/journalling worksheets, audio, video, links to wider reading.



I work intensely with a very limited number of people over 6months or a year. 1:1 coaching is by invitation only.

Commitment has huge power, and I want you to see your transformation through all the way to big results.

If you’re keen to make your vision of how being at peace with food could reshape your mind, body and life, book a session and we’ll talk.

I’ll block out a 2-hour session for you, and we’ll meet online or in person. It’s not a sales call, it’s a real coaching call, tackling your stuff. There isn’t a fee for that conversation.

Many people have told me that they have benefited hugely even just from having that 2-hour conversation alone.

If you’re serious about beginning your journey with body image, food and weight, you can book a session here: j

If you simply have questions, feel free to email me via my contacts page.