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I’ll write, draw, animate or edit for you too, if you like.


Doughnuts Laura Eades 2014

Words that are inside me. Laura Eades 2014

… is a great way to explore ideas and spell things out. Sometimes mis-spell things too, which as a former proofreader I LOVE. Words are important to me! They are funny, and damn effective.

I’ve got a first class English Lit and Theatre degree (Leeds Uni) and used to work at the Guardian. I’m happy to research and write on topics that are new to me. (I love it even better if I get to provide illustrations too).

I’ve written blogposts, an unpublished fiction book, self-help materials (as an eating psychology coach I write various help sheets for my clients), theatre scripts and plays, and I’ve also edited, proofed, subbed. I speak various foreign languages along a continuum of effluent–>incomprehensible, but somehow manage to live in Germany anyway.

  • The Guardian 2007-2011: I was on the Guardian website’s editorial team during the evening slot as Deputy Night Production Editor. This meant that we’d work alongside the paper’s night news team, deciding what to put on theguardian.com’s main front page, and other key pages, and commissioning news articles if tsunamis hit while everyone else was out of the office. I hope having subedited, edited, written and commissioned writing makes me very tuned in to what an editor is asking me for when I write. As a journalist, I also wrote occasional articles for the Guardian, work experienced extensively at possibly the last existing UK local paper South London Press, followed the NCTJ journalism training. I can no longer do any shorthand.
  • Editorial consultant, Contractr 2012: Helped website start-up create an editorial workflow system and evolve content identity
  • Theatre scripts: Holiday 2011 “A consummate poet” Exeunt; Patchwork 2010 “Great imagination” The Scotsman
  • A dodgy novel: 2012-2013. One day, when I have time, I’d like to have the full-on editing experience of turning this into a less dodgy novel. In the meantime, it lives in the bottom of my wardrobe. I had a total blast writing it and would encourage anyone who has half an idea to go nuts on paper at least once in your life.


Cup and pens

Cup, still from Workspace Revolution animation

… uplifts my everything. Colour and beauty have a pretty key role in our lives: they are not luxuries, they open our hearts. With my wonky drawings, I stand for this in the world. For lovely, consoling, imperfection. I hope my drawings make you happy too!

I also believe drawing and visual communication have a powerful pschological effect, and even a therapeutic function, because they are a great way to get beyond your intellectual mind and into the less brainy, more intelligent part where widom and intuition live. Which is how we resolve the problems we create for ourselves in our internal wranglings, neh?

Eating Psychology Coaching

It’s all about the mind body heart and soul of the eater, and bringing consciousness and mindfulness to unconscious processes. It’s all here. Including some lovely testimonials.