Confidence coaching for women

What would you do, if you had unlimited confidence?

Let’s have a conversation you’ll never forget.

I’ll coach you to make the tiny internal shifts you need to overcome fears, beliefs, and pour your energy where it wants to go – your next big thing.

Do you ever think: “I’d have more confidence if … I had a better body”(/job/fill in the blank)?

The truth is, what’s stopping isn’t your body or your job status.

Being good girls who follow rules, misapply diligence, revere perfectionism, are mired in comparison… these are the kinds of things that hold us back.

What will we actually do in confidence coaching (and will there be role plays?)

We’ll do this kind of thing:

  1. Outing fear & negative beliefs – I’m not … enough; I must be perfect
  2. Shifting flawed thinking – like having a fixed mindset, or comparing yourself
  3. Leaning into emotion – guilt, rejection, failure, conflict
  4. Finding pleasure and inspired motivation
  5. Understanding resistance in all its disguises – even when it’s your doubt projected onto others
  6. Big visualisations, deep relaxations
  7. Strategies, systems, accountability, and dares. Yes, dares.
  8. Mindfulness and intuitive everything
  9. Probably no role plays.
  10. I'm not promising no role-plays.

If you know what you’d do with your confidence… and you have fierce commitment and are willing to lean into fear, then we should talk.

And I don’t mean a piddly half-hour taster session. Drop me a mail at hellolauralloyd*@* and I’ll mark out 2 hours in my diary for you to experience a truly powerful coaching conversation, no charge.

I usually work with a couple of remarkable individual clients over a sustained period, matching their commitment with sustained attention to take them through to big results.