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How do I find my way around the site?

Good question. You’re not being stupid, it’s just rather subtle! (When I’ve learnt to write code and redesign this website, I’ll tell you how to learn coding too!! But for now…)

Firstly, open up the homepage and look down, that’s right, below the pictures! There’s a pale grey dot with a ‘plus’ sign on it on the homepage, under the posts. You see it? This opens the categories list, the archives, and the subscribe area. If you’re only seeing comments, you’re not on the homepage, you’re on an individual blogpost.

So, Bingo! Now you can search by topic, read posts chronologically, or put in your own search term. You can also give me your email address and you’ll receive every post by email, plus the odd special offer or very rare newsletter.

Search by theme

ere’s a quick little menu of my favourite themes to get you started. For example, you might like to look for posts about:





Parenting and life skills for the family

How do I know what an illustration is about?

Took me ages to discover this myself. You hover your cursor over the illustration dot, and the blogpost title appears.

How do I find older, or more, posts on the same topic?

Only ten show up at the same time, right? Yes, but if you hover your cursor to the left, you’ll get double arrows which will take you to the older posts, or more posts.

Can I read chronologically?

Sure. Use the pale grey dot under the homepage illustrations to open the dropdown menu, and scroll through the archive by month. For example, the blog began in August 2013.

Good luck! Email me if you’re stuck. I never know unless you tell me.

Bests, Laura